Welcome to Gjende, Besseggen and how to pay parking.

This page covers the shuttle bus (round trip) including day-parking per car with up to 4 persons, or you can simply buy tickets for the shuttle bus from Reinsvangen to Gjendeosen

Show the receipt before you board, or on the bus

In the morning:

Please arrive one hour before the boat departure at Reinsvangen Parking.  If you have booked your boat ticket at www.gjende.no  and booked parking/shuttlebus at www.gjendepark.no – you dont need to be so early as one hour. But remember it takes some time to get everything out from car, walk from parking to shuttlebus and the bus trip in to Gjendeosen to the boat depature!

And we dont like to stress in the mountains 😊 so the best tip – feel that you have good time – Welcome


In the afternoon:

The shuttle bus will start returing at 1500 from Gjendeosen back to Reinsvangen in the afternoon, and will go every half hour till 2000 in the evening. After that;  have a safe journey and welcome back!

There is NO long term parking at Gjendeosen – only 2 hours

Buy shuttle bus + Car parking incl. 4 people here:


Buy shuttle bus + Car parking incl. 4 people here. Your parking expires at 23.59 the day you choose - If you need to park over night, you must buy more parkingdays for your car.

Buy only a shuttle bus ticket here:


Applies to Reinsvangen-Gjendeosen - round trip per person.

Buy daypark for your veihcle, one or several days:

Passenger car – dayparking

Motorcycle – dayparking

Motorhome – dayparking

Car with trailer / caravan – dayparking

Truck or bus – dayparking

For more info about service at Gjendeosen and parking – www.visitgjende.no

For more info about the Gjendeboat: www.gjende.no